Hey Sunshines,

Raising Greatness is a platform dedicated to inspiring women to enjoy one moment at a time with style, grace and love. Its all things beauty, travel, family adventures, healthy eats, and more! 


Thank you for dropping by Raising Greatness Blog and joining our community!  I am a mother of three children Brookleynn, Brayden and Bailey Rae.  Wife to Wes and dog mom to Bryson.  My faith in Jesus keeps me grounded in his divine will for my life. I love teaching, consulting and training teachers in Los Angeles California. 

My deepest love all started when my name changed to Mrs. F, Mom, Mommy, and Momma.  Raising Greatness Gods way is our plan for our children. Truth is our children have raised us too! Omg, the lessons, Wes and I, have learned from our three blessings over the years. 

Ultimately, Raising Greatness has become a community of women that share the same common goal.  We all want to raise our children to their highest divine level in life. It is platform that has enabled me to inspire and encourage women to raise greatness but still sustain our greatness, too. Its not easy but I will show you how I have learned to laugh at myself and except my flaws. Its okay if things are a bit messy and unorganized.  I have learned to take it one day at a time and I encourage you to do the same!  

I love sharing topics about motherhood, marriage, good eats, family travel and fun, style, all things beauty, just the funny moments of being mom and more! I hope we make you smile and feel uplifted from our creative content.  

We will provide reviews of the spas, beauty, food, healthy recipes, finances, resorts for families, married life, kitchen fun ideas with kids, adventures and more. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey on the Raising Greatness Blog 

Much Love and Sunshine,