Always Eat After 7 P.M.

This post is brought to you by our sponsor, “Always Eat After 7 P.M.” The opinions expressed below are my own.

Hey Sunshines,  I am on a mission to take my healthy lifestyle to a new level.  So I have been reading , Always Eat After 7 P.M. to enhance my knowledge.  In one of the chapters, it focuses on caloric food comparison.  

The 500 Calorie Meal Comparison chart in the book is a great visual.  When you choose to eat healthy food you get  to eat a plentiful amount of food.  The chart compares fast food to a healthy meal.  Wow, it is eye opening looking at the comparison chart.  “By choosing portion volumizing foods at each meal you can eat much more  while consuming fewer calories each day.

 “Protein is the most powerful nutrient to include in any diet.” In the book, he breaks down the six reasons you need protein  in every meal.  Wow, the protein is like the secret! I knew that proteins are highly important but the way it’s broken down in the book, it’s more defenditive.  Proteins boost metabolism, reduce hunger hormones, stabilize blood sugar, fill you up, preserve lean muscle tissue, and have a higher thermic effect. Well, sold, that’s enough for me to be mindful of including protein in every meal.  

But, I am not a meat eater and only eat seafood sometimes.  It can be a bit tough to follow some aspects of this program if you are closer to a vegan lifestyle.  The author argues that studies have shown that meat, chicken, seafood, and beef, is not bad for the body. But, I struggle with his part of the book. I will use plant based proteins to continue on the path to my best version of me and use some of the book points. 

In the book, there is a comparison of Spaghetti Squash to regular spaghetti which was a total win for me.  I love Spaghetti Squash and I am always finding creative ways to prepare a healthy version. Recently, I made Spaghetti Squash with sun dried tomatoes and it was so yummy! My family loved it! He talks about using zucchini in place of pasta and that is so tasty. I think the book definitely affirms what I have been doing for years.  But, the knowledge that I learned from the author has been beneficial.  In the health world, things are always changing and evolving so having this book informs of the current information.  


Fortunately, the author believes carbs get a bad rap.  He agrees that many carbs are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.  I am really happy to read this because my life is built around super carbs. I like how the book breaks down super carbs vs sugar and starchy vegetables, fruit, rice and pasta.  


The book gives excellent  information that you can implement into a healthy lifestyle without having large consumption of  meat protein.  I will find a way to use this program more effectively based on plant based protein.  The in-depth content in Eat After 7 P.M. is worth reading. There are many take-aways that you can implement into any healthy lifestyle from vegan to meat eater.  Check this book out, it’s so worthy! The more you know, the more you will grow into your own healthy version.  

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