Always Eat After 7 P.M.

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Hey Sunshines,

Y’all know I love good vibes and positivity. “Always Eat After  7 P.M. book is full of great content.   My favorite chapter in the book opens with Success begins in the mind. In order to achieve greatness, it starts with your thoughts. Prior to receiving the book, Always Eat After  7 P.M. written by Joel Marion, I decided I wanted to maximize my healthy lifestyle , fitness and lose weight for good.  As a wife and mom, it’s easy to sideline your personal goals and dreams due to the need to focus on family. 

But, I know that taking care of me fully will make life sweeter for me and my family.  The timing of receiving this book has been perfect for this moment in our world. A healthy lifestyle, especially in our food choices, has a huge impact on our lives.  

In 2020, our world is learning that the time is now to improve our eating habits.  We know how important it is to a strong immune system.  Joel debunks all the myths of eating after 7 p.m.  and proves that following his Eating After 7 P.M. revolutionary rule breaking diet works.  I like this idea simply because when you want to lose weight, sometimes, you go to bed hungry.  But, Joel’s program 

When we choose to take back our health it helps with every area of our lives from mental to physical well being.  The book has a chapter that focuses on mindset.  The chapter headline  says, “ Success begins in the mind ( Don’t Skip this Chapter). The question proposed is “Are you ready to experience the life changing, fat burning, health-boosting results? We must cover some mandatory prerequisites to ensure your long term success.  When things make sense logically you are much more likely to get excited and actually start because you believe it will work.  I want to share some principles to help get you in the mind-set to succeed.”

Seriously, what book have you read that gives you science of food and empowers your thinking. At times reading this book, I  felt like I had my own personal trainer with me daily.  I learned so much from this quick read book. 


Yes, requirements! You heard me, requirements! Joel wants you to be all in with taken care of you. The book requires that you have 10 essential mindset strategies that you can use in all aspects of life.  Believe you can, and lose the excuses, excommunicate negative people from your life, live in the present, redefine who you are , Start now, develop a morning routine, allow yourself bad moments, not bad days~ gosh love that! recognize failure as a teacher, not a final destination, own your results, and briefly celebrate your success, then move on!  Wow, I am beyond inspired to set goals to work toward my best version of me! We all know this but its something about reading that resonated with me.


This chapter literally shifted my mindset back to what has always been my truth. I believe in waking up early, praying, meditating and making up my bed.  You gotta get this book and I think you should read this chapter first.  The book is all things positive and it will be one I refer to often. It offers a fundamental approach to experiencing fast fat loss without feeling hungry. Y’all its not just not another diet. The book lays out a comparison between it and the most popular weight loss diets.

Joel breaks down the benefits of intermittent fasting. By following this program, insulin will lower, natural boost of fat burning hormones, higher energy and more. The author explains in detail of the Why and How you will lose weight and your overall health with drastically improve. Always Eat After 7 P.M. is an informative approach to enhance your knowledge about the perfect combination of food groups most efficient for the human body.

 I am ready to shift into a healthier version of me.  I highly recommend reading, Eat After 7 P.M. by Joel Marion. It will definitely help you align with your life goals and purpose.  This book covers the benefit of grapefruits to mindfulness. It is full of information that you wanna keep in your handbag just in case. Grateful to have a book that I can flip a few pages and helps me stay on track for life!

Much Love and Sunshine,


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