Welcome to Raising Greatness! I am thrilled to share with you my passion for fashion, food, motherhood, and so much more! It’s not easy to find restaurants, yummy healthy recipes, vacation resorts, fashion, sports and entertainment that will meet the needs of a family of five or more without making your debit card scream, “NO”!

I know as a Mom we are always trying to meet individual needs of everyone in the family, but still stay within the monthly family budget. I will share how we have cost-effective family fun on a dime!

Motherhood has its challenges, but laughter has been my solution for more than fifteen years. I have learned to giggle, at the fact, my hair looks a mess driving my children to school because my teenager has all the ponytail holders in her backpack. I continue to learn to entertain myself and do yoga in my head, as I wrangle the children to the car with the goal to make it to all three schools on time, just today. As I arrive at the final school stop of the morning, I say a little prayer, hoping that my youngest little blessing doesn’t have crumbs all over her clothes, backpack, car seat, floor and seats of my new car.



After my smile of victory of getting all three children to school, I get to the street with wheels smoking, playing one of my favorite ‘turn up’ hits that would never be played on Disney Radio. I am focused on getting to the gym to get in my workout, only to get the parking lot and realize I forgot my favorite Nike running shoes, again! But, all three children were on time for school! Winning! Motherhood… let’s laugh bunches, save money, and Raise Greatness together!

Much Love and Sunshine,


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