Goodbye Eczema & Dry Skin, Hello Allira Naturals


Hello Sunshines,

It’s winter and that means dry itchy skin. Well, you can just call my three little blessings, the Dry Patch Kids! As we move into the winter months, my children have dry skin and mild eczema. I have tried numerous products that sorta works but oftentimes, I end up at the doctor’s office getting a prescription. I know most moms, like me, try to avoid medication with our children as much as possible. I met this kind Australian mom that has a young child that has a severe case of eczema and she was oppose to all the medication.


Due that fact, the amazing product Allira Naturals was created! Moms are such trailblazers and we will do whatever we can to keep our children healthy and happy. I love when Moms operate in their greatness while raising greatness!

Allira Naturals is certified organic and is influenced by the “bush medicine” of the Australian Aborigine. The product is gluten free, non-gmo, chemical free, eco-friendly and has no artificial fragrance. Allira Naturals values the ancient remedies and healing properties of raw, natural ingredients. This nutrient-rich body lotion contains soothing oils, including rare Moroccan argan oils, and jojoba oil, to deeply penetrate and deliver natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements, leaving the skin feeling healthy and youthful.

Allira Naturals Teeangi Body Lotion 8 oz

Dr J International


I tried Allira Naturals Kids product on my children and noticed improvement in their skin within a few days. The dry patches on their skin were instantly moisturized and stopped itching. Also, I noticed the dry appearance of their skin was fading. The children expressed the soothing sensation and pleasant fragrance of the Allira Naturals products. I know the Allira Naturals products has saved the Dry Patch Bunch and their parents!

Allira Naturals Nunyara Body Scrub For Kids 8oz

Dr J International


The Allira Naturals Nun Yara Body Scrub is my hubby and I favorite of the line. My hubby is diabetic and it causes him to have dry skin. The Allira Naturals has worked well for him. The natural oils in the products have given him a line of defense to combating diabetic dry skin. Nun Yara means made well again. Well, I am here to tell you, my families’ skin is Nun Yara and glowy from the unique emollient rich gentle body scrub. I love that the product is designed to suit my children’s tender skin and a version that suits us!

The scrub has oatmeal, sunflower oil, coconut oil, beeswax and so many more organic ingredients. As you know, I am a family of five and we have to make sure we maintain an affordable budget for everything! So, its great that Allira Naturals is fairly priced and affordable. All of this product skin care line can be purchased on Amazon, click the links below. In addition, it is in stores and sold internationally.

AIthough, Amazon is easy shopping, I will be totally grateful when I can purchase this amazing product in my local Whole Foods and Sprouts.

The Allira Naturals skin care line is a perfect way to sustain vibrant moist skin that gently soothes eczema and dry skin for the entire family! Please, say hello to my glowy moisturized Allira Nun Yara Kids and good bye to the Dry Patch Bunch! Ya’ll need to join my family and get this Allira Nun Yara skin through every season!

Much Love and Sunshine,


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