Fun Way to Decorate a Pumpkin No Carving

Hey Sunshines,

Is October really just a few weeks away? We all know that means fall DIY decoration with pumpkins, arts and crafts, and Halloween fun. Are you trying to avoid the carving pumpkin mess? This perfectly fun way to decorate pumpkins requires no carving. Say what, no-carve pumpkin decorating idea for children.

I enjoy helping my children carve their pumpkins but sometimes, we just need to avoid the aftermath-the clean-up.

With October around the corner, I have been busy prepping for all of my fall yummy recipes and creative ways to use leftover pumpkins. But, this fun DIY pumpkin arts and crafts there is no carving required. I love this kid-friendly activity, greatly, for more reasons that one.

Well, do you make up excuses to have a home spa day? Are you that mom like me that can’t wait to go try the next spa, in any city, as long as it has the glow?

Y’all, we are “safe at home” in sunny Southern California. At this time, my favorite spa places are not open. Yes, that means, I gotta find a way to make Halloween beauty spooky fun with my youngest child, Bailey Rae! Arts and crafts, DIY fun with a bit of beauty Yes, y’all know the glow up is my jam.  

Quality Time 

Honestly, it’s always fun to have skincare one on one with my little tween that I totally adore.

We had the best time making our beauty Halloween pumpkins and getting our skin to look like sunshine. 

Mommy and Me DIY Art

It was arts and crafts with beauty all in one! Of course, this momma gotta find a way to keep the skincare regimen, in full effect, even with pumpkin decor for Halloween. 

Fall Season Pumpkin Fun

This pumpkin idea will get you in the mood to find ways to get excited about the leaves falling from the trees and carving pumpkins, prepping for Halloween, and roasting homemade pumpkin seeds.  

Maybe, you just want to have some creative quality time with your kids.  This fall beauty idea will make you the best mom ever, at least for the day.

Creative fun for ages 4 and Up

Not only was this easy, little mess, cost-effective, but it’s a totally adorable way for all of us to use our imagination with DIY matchy pumpkins. 

As a mom, I do my best to find ways to stay closely connected to all three of my children. According to recent research, the most important thing we can do for our children, during this unbelievable pandemic time, is “stay connected and spend time together.

Shopping for Pumpkins

We purchased our pumpkins at the local store. Bailey Rae wanted to take the time to really choose her beauty pumpkin and so did I.  We wanted to be sure we replicate a fun arts and crafts spa day.  Nowadays, with the world abruptly changed, its the simple moments with my children that remind me of the greater purpose of life.

In October, every year, as a family, we go enjoy our local pumpkin patch. It may look a bit different, in 2020, But, families across the world, have learned to be far more creative at home. Regardless, I am beyond thankful to spend time unplugged to technology and enjoying my children.

What You Need

The only thing you may need from the store is a pumpkin. I am sure the other things are most likely around your house. As a teacher, I like for my students. along with my own children, to create with homemade items.

Good Size Pumpkin

Old terry cloth white towel or your preferred color _ cut old large bath towel in half to cover two pumpkins


Small to Medium paint brushes


Large Rubber Bands

Indian Healing Clay or your preferred Clay choice 

Basic Black Thin tip Marker (eyelashes}- or you could use store-bought lashes and glue down with super glue but we just used a black marker or you can use cucumbers for the eyes (no marker required).

How Much Time Required and Steps

This fall fun activity took around 2 hours to complete. 

First, cover your surface with old newspaper.

Then, you will need to mix your Indian Healing Clay with water in a medium-size bowl or choice of clay.

Place your pumpkins on top of the newspaper to minimize clean up. You will decorate your pumpkins on top of the newspaper.  

Be sure to keep the clay on the thicker side, very thick but easy to apply on the pumpkins with your paintbrushes. (Beauty Facial Mask Look)

You only cover your pumpkin with your clay. Then, allow it to dry and be sure to cover it like a human face. You do not need to cover the entire pumpkin with mask. Just create a face. 

Allow the pumpkin’s mask to dry for at least 30 minutes but if parts are still wet, wait until fully dry. 

Our Pumpkin Beauty Face Mask 

While you are waiting, apply your mask to you and your child face, of course, using a gentle facial brush that you did not use on the pumpkin. 

A little pumpkin, in the clay, will only add a little love to your spa day fun. 

Oh yeah, you need to have on matching robes to get the full spa day feeling! Y’all it’s just a mom thing when you are blessed with a mini me twice!  I love having spa days with both of my girls.  

We wanted to really create the real look for spa day pumpkins.  

Of course, we used towels on the stem of our pumpkins to create the bun affect and kept it together with a sturdy rubber band hidden behind the pumpkin bun to hold it in place.  

Y’all, this arts and craft beauty day was a hit! We will do a few more pumpkin fall ideas that we will share with you. 

But, this was great quality time with no technology and perfect beauty fun! We are ready for Halloween with our glow!

Basically, Bailey and I made our own music and memories with our beauty pumpkins.  

I highly recommend this art and craft creative activity. 

Besides, you get glowy skin and decor at your doorstep for Halloween. 

Until next time… 

Much Love and California Sunshine, 

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