Loving the Mom Wife Life, but What about Me?

Hello Sunshines,

After being blessed with the titles Mom, Mommy, Momma and wife, I put my goals and dreams in a locked drawer in my kitchen. I decided I did not have enough time in my day to manage my career with three kids, one hubby and a dog. I figured I would just focus on being the best Mom and wife ever! I have never felt like I was missing anything.  I have been perfectly happy over the years and loving my life.

However, my children are growing up and I began to ask myself, are you growing up too? What are you doing to grow?  What will life be like after all your children have moved on with their lives?

Although, my youngest child is only seven years old, I kind of panicked a bit thinking about what I will do with myself once my three blessings have grown up.

I decided maybe I will squeeze in a little of the goals and dreams in that locked kitchen drawer. Motherhood is an amazing journey, but never use it as an excuse to stop pursuing your dreams and goals too. I have learned that me striving toward my personal greatness only assists me with raising greatness times three into their full potential of  greatness.

I know its vital that as Mom, I pour a little time and TLC, into me, too, every day.  In order to effectively pour into my hubby and children, I need to pour into me more often.  So, I decided to get a talent agent, go harder at the gym, set fitness goals, life goals, blogger goals, go shopping for just me and be open to opportunities for Mom too! Just maybe, I will go to USC and earn my doctoral degree! Honestly, its been the best decision to find the time not excuses to pour back into me too!

Due to that fact, my family and I will be apart of the advertisement for a few major brands.  Its new mom adventures that are truly allowing me to grow up too! I am finding ways to include the family into my goals and dreams that are no longer locked in the kitchen drawer.  My hope is that you are inspired to be okay with asking that question of Loving the Mom Wife Life, but What about Me? It feels good to raise my children into their greatness and focus on my greatness, too! Perhaps you are making excuses to just be Mom and wife, which is great but are you growing? do you have a locked kitchen drawer with all your goals and dreams? Its time to open the drawer and you can still be the best mom and wife ever!

Much Love and Sunshine,




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